School Fees

School fees are issued at the beginning of each year. A composite fee is charged that is made up of a materials and service fee. This is used, together with Department for Education grants, to provide your child with text books, educational materials, apparatus and equipment in all subjects during the course of study at the school. Stationery and duplicating materials are provided throughout the year.

School fees may be paid in instalments or by other arrangements with front office. Parents are asked to pay fees soon after school commencing.

Electronic Funds Transfer

To make a payment electronically the school account details are as follows:

Financial Difficulties

Parents experiencing financial difficulty may apply to have school fees paid by the Government(School Card) or by making arrangements with the Principal or Finance Officer. Enquire at the front office for application details.

School Card

The School Card is a Government scheme to assist lower income families with school fee payments. Applications must be submitted through the school. It is a requirement that the cardholder's Centrelink Customer Reference Number is included on application/declaration forms. This number is located on the primary Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.

Please note: School Card must be applied for every year.