About Callington Primary School

Education for children living in and around the Callington district has has been provided for the past 155 years.

The existing school house and school was built in 1887 out of sandstone at a cost of six hundred and thirty five pounds.  The school building was built on land purchased by the council of education and covered the eastern extension of the Bremer mine. Before construction could commence, it was necessary to fill in one of the mine shafts at a cost of one pound ten shillings.

A major building re-development was completed in 2010 under the Federal government's Building the Education Revolution (BER) initiative, with the official opening by The Hon Ian Hunter, in October 2010.  In 2013 the school's basketball/ net court was resurfaced and re-fenced.

We provide a safe, caring environment, challenging each student to maximise her/his individual potential through explicit teaching and curriculum in which we respond to a child's abilities and interest, and offer all students a wide range of opportunities. Parent involvement is welcome and encouraged.

The expectation is that students respect others and their school environment. 

We're building a sense of community

Students make a positive contribution to the school through:

  • A Buddy Program connecting junior school members with senior student mentors
  • Class meetings and a Student Representative Council offering students the opportunity to voice opinions and influence school decisions
  • Recycling Programs

Student behaviour is managed through a well-established set of school rules.  The school uses the Restorative Justice approach to behaviour management

Students show pride in Callington Primary School with a uniform that bears its name and emblem. Uniforms can be purchased at the Front Office. We also have a small collection of second hand uniforms for a nominal cost..

The school maintains close and continuous communication and participation with parents through:

  • Regular school newsletters, class bulletins, information sheets, student diaries, SMS texts
  • School and class introductory sessions
  • Teacher-parent discussions

Parents are welcomed into the school environment and have a vital role through:

  • Classroom and extra-curricular support
  • Governing Council
  • Working Bees